Unique football tournaments in Europe
& countless promotions for the grassroots.
In a new and fresh design.

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Who we are

We have been promoting youth football since 1983 – with over 25,000 participants every year, we promote peaceful coexistence and solidarity in Europe. 

What we do

We organise intercultural youth encounters in Europe and convey important values for social coexistence.


We present our content and values in a new and modern way. Solidarity, diversity and respect on and off the pitch – & on the net.

New & modern!

What makes KOMM MIT so unique? We believe the answer is: you and your club. 

That’s why we have put you and your club in the spotlight and would like to strengthen youth football at grassroots level together with you!

From 7 July 2021 – or already now in the chat!

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Shaping the future together

We all want to change the world. But only those who actually believe in it and take action make it.
We know that our support leads to a better Europe and strengthens the understanding of cultural differences. Are you with us?

Our areas of support

International understanding

Learn more from 7 July! 

Equal opportunities

Learn more from 7 July! 


Learn more from 7 July! 

Gender equality

Learn more from 7 July! 

Promotion of associations

Learn more from 7 July! 

Against racism and anti-semitism

Learn more from 7 July! 


Learn more from 7 July! 

Health education

Learn more from 7 July! 


Our relaunch is on the following date:

Wednesday, 7 July 2021 

You can set up a reminder email using the buttons on this page so that you don’t miss the launch of our new homepage!

Via our chat, by email or by phone. We are available from Monday to Thursday between 2pm and 6pm. 

You can also contact us by e-mail: send us an e-mail now!

KOMM MIT has stood for quality since 1983 – and we would like to present this in a new and contemporary design. You and your club can expect fresh content and new opportunities to get to know KOMM MIT. You will be able to experience information about our tournaments and our sponsorships in an interactive way and thus get an even better impression of our non-profit organisation. 

In addition, you can look forward to an even better and faster service that will lead you and your club to one of our next tournaments even more easily. There’s so much more waiting for you, how about getting in touch with us today?


We always keep an eye on the current situation and hope to be able to organise events again as soon as possible. We are currently planning for autumn 2021, with the corresponding hygiene regulations. We would like to offer you and your association a variety of events in Europe again by Easter 2022 at the latest.

Our new catalogue for the coming year will be published at the beginning of July. For more information or to order the catalogue, simply contact us via the chat or the contact form.

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