Hygiene regulations for the KOMM MIT tournaments 2021

Health is the most important thing in life. It must be protected. As a long-standing cooperation partner of the DFB in the field of youth promotion, we rely on the DFB's model hygiene concept and the recommendations of the local health authorities and agencies when organising our 2021 events. We have derived our regulations and principles from these guidelines for training and match operations in amateur football, so that we dutifully implement all necessary hygiene measures.

The following applies to all measures and tournament events: the protection of health is paramount and official orders must be observed with priority. Our events will strictly adhere to these.

KOMM MIT is also reacting to the prevailing uncertainty regarding travel bookings and is changing its booking conditions. With the COVID-19 security promise, every club has the possibility to cancel the tournament trip booked for 2021 free of charge up to 60 days before the tournament starts. Further deadlines can be found in the general terms and conditions.

The KOMM MIT tournaments 2021!

General regulations of hygiene

Next to the pitch:

  • The minimum distance (1.50 metres) must be maintained in all areas outside the playing field. Exceptions must be based on local and official regulations
  • Physical greeting rituals (e.g. handshakes/hugs) are to be avoided
  • Recommendation to wash hands with soap and water (at least 30 seconds) and/or disinfect hands
  • Observe the cough and sneeze label (crook of the arm or disposable handkerchief)
  • Persons who do not participate in the game and are on the premises are obliged to wear a mouth and nose cover. Persons who can show a medical certificate of exemption from this rule are excluded from this rule

On the pitch:

  • During breaks in play, the minimum distance must also be maintained on the pitch
  • Refrain from spitting and blowing nose on the playing field

Suspected cases COVID-19

  • Strict rules will be established to ensure that suspected cases of COVID-19 are rapidly investigated
  • Participation in the game is only possible for all participants if their state of health is free of symptoms
  • Persons with suspicious symptoms must leave the sports facility immediately or may not enter it at all:
      • cough, fever (from 38 degrees Celsius), difficulty breathing, all cold symptoms
      • The same recommendation applies when symptoms are present in other people in the same household
  • In case of a positive test for coronavirus, the official quarantine regulations apply. However, it is recommended that the person concerned be kept out of training and play for at least 14 days. The same applies if the test results are positive in the same household.

Organisational details

  • The locally applicable regulations always apply.
  • KOMM MIT instructs all coaches and club managers on the requirements and measures for match operations.
  • Persons who do not comply with these rules are not to be granted access to the sports facility within the framework of event law or are to be expelled from the sports facility.
  • Before the start of the tournament, all participating persons are actively informed about the hygiene regulations in an understandable way. This applies to all persons of the participating teams and clubs as well as to the referees and other officials.
  • All other persons staying on the sports grounds will also be informed about the hygiene regulations in a comprehensible manner. The sports facility offers sufficient washing and disinfection facilities, especially in the access area and at the entrance to clubhouses.

Sports facilities

  • Washing and disinfection materials are available in public areas.
  • No large gatherings of people, such as the opening ceremony. The closing ceremony with award ceremony takes place in an adapted form. We will also adapt other supporting programme items in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities and public authorities.
  • Paths on the sports facilities are divided into entrances and exits
  • It is assumed that you bring your own beverage bottles, which were filled in your own accommodation.
  • The training bibs used by KOMM MIT are washed after each session.
  • The balls used are disinfected after each match.

Journey to the tournament

Passenger transport in touring coaches is subject to certain hygiene measures (e.g: mask obligation, fixed seats, thorough cleaning and disinfection of the touring coaches). Accordingly, we will offer the arrival and departure of the teams in touring coaches to the 2021 tournament events. The selection and communication with the touring coach companies will follow in close consultation with KOMM MIT. Before the journey you will be informed about the regulations and the hygiene concept worked out by the bus company.


Our accommodations are all long-term partners, selected with the greatest care. The hotels have adapted hygiene concepts in the individual tournament locations so that enjoying, relaxing and meeting each other is as carefree as possible, especially in the current situation. Through close cooperation with the responsible hotel operators, we can guarantee compliance with the standards.

Covid-19 cancels the tournaments again

We are doing our best to ensure that we can hold our tournaments again in 2021! Should this not be possible due to new findings regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we will inform you already now about the possibilities of cancellation and event cancellation!

A cancellation of a tournament event is basically independent from other tournament events. Cancellation will also only take place if the authorities of a tournament country impose a ban on an event or if there is a ban on entry for participating teams.

In case a cancellation of the tournament events in 2021 has to be carried out, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the situation. We will again offer three options that have already proven their worth in 2020.

  1. You have the possibility to rebook your team for another tournament for free. In this case it is irrelevant whether the replaced tournament takes place at the same time or at a later date
  2. You can convert your paid amount into a voucher and use it for the cancelled tournament in 2022
  3. You will be refunded the amount you have paid minus the condition stipulated in the general terms and conditions. The amount we retain will be credited to you in the form of a voucher for any KOMM MIT tournament.

In case there is no basis for a cancellation of a tournament event on the part of KOMM MIT Company, but you still want to cancel your booked tournament due to an unclear situation, the general terms and conditions apply.

It is important to note that the measures listed are intended to minimise the risk of infection, although it is not possible to guarantee one hundred percent safety for all those involved. The model hygiene concept is based on the situation that infection with Sars-CoV-2 is possible, but the probability is very low due to the existence of targeted hygiene measures. In addition, indications are given as to which further measures can lead to risk-minimised gambling operations in the event of a change in the initial situation with a higher risk of infection.

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